Review – Ellipsis Zine: One

I’m going to get straight to the point: this was BREATHTAKING. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did, but found myself hooked from the very first piece and thought it ended too soon.

First, a little background:

Ellipsis Zine is an online literary magazine managed by Steve Campbell. Ellipsis Zine: One is their debut flash fiction anthology, featuring 57 pieces, 10 previously published on their website.

Music to a writer’s ears: 

Writers published in print are paid! For full details on royalties click here. Published writers also receive a complimentary copy. The best part, though: ANYONE who has ever submitted to Ellipsis, whether print or web, published or not, is entitled to a 10% discount!

So, what is it like?

Like I said, breathtaking. It’s amazing how 57 different voices and takes on the prompt ‘one’ complement each other so seamlessly, rich in both experiences and beautiful prose. The stories are sometimes utterly shocking and sometimes heartbreaking, but flow together fluidly. There is something in here for everyone to relate to personally and appreciate as art.


Who should pick it up? 

Everyone, honestly. Even if flash fiction isn’t your thing, Ellipsis Zine: One reads almost like a story on it’s own.

How I read it: 

In one sitting. I couldn’t get past the 4th piece the first time I started it because, kids. The next time I picked it up, I really got into it and couldn’t leave it midway. I have it all planned out for next time, though. I’ll be prepared and cozy up, probably with a cup of coffee or a midnight snack.

My favorites:

This was originally a MUCH longer list, but I forced myself to narrow it down to 5.

You can find a full list of the published authors here.

Where you can get it: 

Links to purchase the digital or print copies will be available on Ellipsis Zine’s website from the 26th of October with a discount until the 10th of November. Follow them on Twitter if you need reminders!

Twitter: @ellipsiszine 

Website: http://www.ellipsiszine.com/